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The FTU-CTCL was established in 1978 (for members of FTU). The Basic Principle behind the formation was to encourage a sense of mutual assistance and thriftless and to promote the economic and social interest of members by providing financial services.

The main purpose of the co-operative is maximization of profit and services to members, operated on sound business principles. Established over 37 years ago, today we stood proud and strong with 70 million in assets, more than 4000 members Fiji wide. Our commitment is to provide low cost banking facilities, compiling savings, easy, fast, cheap loans and pay increased dividends year in year out.

CTCL is now the proud owner of Fiji Hide Away Resort & Spa, the investment done on behalf of the CTCL members and the board has offered all the Resort shares for sale to the CTCL members.


chkbox.gifCTCL is now an agent of M-PAISA
chkbox.gifRegister with M-PAISA at Suva, Lautoka, and Labasa office with photo ID or register directly with
chkbox.gifRequest for loan payments, make payments to CTCL, deposit and withdraw cash.
chkbox.gifEasy, fast and cost effective way to transmit money
chkbox.gifWithdraw at any Vodafone M-PAISA outlet in Fiji.
chkbox.gifWithdraw on the same day as soon as money is transmitted.

Shareholders  are informed that for all loans, a copy of the latest salary slip showing all deductions must be enclosed with the loan form.
This is a requirement as MOE will not deduct more than 50% of the gross salary.

Effective 27/11/2019, 6 months time limitations has been waived on all loans.  Members can apply
on their eligibilty now!!!


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